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Course Fees


Total Workshop Charge: $345  
Less Earlybird (EB) Discount:  – 25 for reservations made through June 1st, 2018
Less Referral Credit:(cannot be combined within the Study Group discount) – 20 for each enrollment
or Study Group Discount:(announced and calculated at time of group reservation) – 30 each when 3-5 in group (e.g., $290 ea. w/ EB; $315 w/o EB)
  – 40 each when 6-10 in group (e.g., $280 ea. w/ EB; $305 w/o EB)
  – 50 each when 11-15 in group (e.g., $240 ea. w/ EB; $295 w/o EB)

Note: Only one Referral Credit can be extended for each attendee. Attendee need not attend the same workshop as the referrer, but must attend a workshop in preparation for this winter’s bar exam. Group discount is for grouped reservations, that is, fairly concurrent individual reservations indicating the same group identity (e.g., Bob’s Group). Groups cannot claim previously-reserved enrollees, and must be formed prior to attendance at the workshop, e.g., Joe cannot join Bob’s Group when he sees Bob at the workshop; enrollees cannot claim more than one group; if you do, you are not studying, you are partying.

No Pass-No Pay Offer

First license seekers qualify for our industry leading ‘No Pass-No Pay’ offer. First-time bartakers may defer much of their tuition with the payment of a $95 administrative fee, which is applied toward the total charge. Repeaters pay $170 toward the total charge. The student is not liable for the tuition balance (less applicable credits/discounts) until after bar results are announced in November, and payment is only due then if the student has passed the bar. This is not an extension of credit nor to be construed as a loan. During the workshop the student will be required to sign a credit card agreement or submit a pre-dated check for the balance due at a time following the announcement of bar results. Students must sit for the two-day Summer 2018 California General Bar Exam to retain their deferral.

Nondisclosure Agreement

The most important consideration sought from attendees is their promise not to divulge the trade secrets of the course to others. All attendees will be required to sign an agreement to refrain from passing on the methodologies and test tips revealed during the workshop.

Optional Homework

After workshop attendance, students may have the opportunity to write select PTs for critical feedback. A varied menu of suggested PT assignments will be provided to the student at the completion of the workshop. A reasonable charge will apply.