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    Workshop sessions are reserved on a first-come, first-served basis.

    You will be notified immediately if your preferences are unavailable for this Bar.

    As part of our enrollment agreement we have students agree not to disclose to others the exclusive techniques and approaches they learn in the workshop. This matter is of great import to our program given the fact that the success of the workshop is directly related to its attendees having a unique approach and insight to employ on the performance tests that allow them to gain a distinct advantage over the lesser-prepared test-takers. Since the written section of the bar exam is graded relationally, i.e., each applicant's answer is scored on its merits in relation to the merits of answers submitted by other applicants, those applicants who are able (or enabled, from our viewpoint) to display superior organizational, presentational, and problem-solving skills will be awarded better grades. And since the written section is scaled to a set curve, it is imperative that out workshop applicants be able to take sole advantage of the exclusive skills, tools, and techniques for which they alone paid, while others did not.

    Moreover, Professor Holtz has been approached by larger, and many times more costly, review courses to teach in their programs. Four times. He has declined. An officer of a national review course was directed to leave the workshop. Our students have reported back on attempts made to debrief them as to what they learned during the weekend. They declined.

    This note is also intended to impress upon you that the coverage you will receive in this workshop is not available elsewhere - at any price. It will stay that way.


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