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Please note that all workshops are subject to classroom availability and changes in the Bar/Bri, Bar/Bri Essay Advantage, Kaplan-PMBR or individual law school prep schedules.  If you’re aware of a conflict for you and your schoolmates, please notify us a.s.a.p. so that we might consider a work-around.  All workshops are conducted live, and questions may cause some sessions to run over.  There is an hour break for lunch.  We try to plan for free parking at all locations.  Course site, room location and directions along with FAQs re workshop logistics will be e-mailed to attendees approximately four days in advance of (typically, the Monday before) the appropriate workshop.

Payment is not required at the time of reservation; you pay at the door.  However, some shops “sell out” in advance and we have been forced to turn away students; so, if you can’t attend a shop that you reserved earlier, please notify us so that we may guarantee admittance to someone who can.

Our highly acclaimed workshop features the “No Pass-No Pay” guarantee: first-time license seekers pay only $95 of tuition at the door; the balance is deferred till after bar results and then is only payable if the student passes the bar, not just the PT section.  This deferment is not available to attorneys.

Typically, students take whichever workshop (early vs. later) was taken by the barpassers who referred them to our program. Most repeaters without course conflicts prefer the earlier workshops and the opportunity to practice our unique methodologies – as do many first-time bartakers who never experienced a performance test (class) during law school.  Moreover, with our later workshops first-timers encountering difficulties in performance test practice or assignments now have a second chance to ‘get it right’ without having to pay Bar/Bri hundreds more for its add-on P.T. course or overly expensive pay-by-the-hour tutoring with Bar/Bri staff.  The cost of the workshop is $345 less applicable earlybird ($50) and group discounts where first-time license seekers pay only $95 at the door per “No Pass-No Pay”.

Student comments on workshop and the discount table for group reservations are on other pages.

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