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Just wanted to say thanks.

I wish I remembered all of the little details now, but I can’t tell you that I do.

What I do know is that I used your method on the PTs and felt that I picked up on some bonus points on both days.  Also, on the last day I made a change in the organization that saved me time, (since I didn’t have to repeat some of the analysis).  The change was rather obvious when you took a little time to look at the given organization, but you said it would be a slight tweak and it was.

All I can say is that you do a great job and your method really does make sense.

No one else even came close to doing that for me.

P.S.  I did pass.

Dear Mr. Holtz,

I’m a UC Davis grad and I took your one day class at McGeorge in Sacramento in July.  I’m happy to say that I did pass the July exam – what a relief!  Your class was definitely one of the best things I did to prep for the bar – and by far, the best value – and I’d recommend it to anyone.  After the class, I really felt that I had great strategies to use for the PTs on the exam, whereas before I had just been overwhelmed and floundering anytime I tried a practice test.  One the exam itself, I think I did really solidly on the PTs and they probably made up for some various missed points on the essay.

So, point being – thank you so much for offering the class! It is really a great service to law students.  My only “complaint” is that I wish your class could have been offered earlier in the bar prep period because it would have eased my mind earlier.

Thanks again.

Dear John,

You cannot be praised and thanked enough for the powerful insight you provide.  As a five-time Bar Exam taker who routinely scored in the 160s on the MBE – and as high as 174 – yet failed to get the passing nod in light of consistently scoring 55 on the PTs, I feel particularly well positioned to attest to the significance of achieving solid scores on the PT so as to avoid the reoccuring (sic) “Bar nightmare.”

I can candidly say that prior to your class I was next to clueless with respect to the gamesmanship that the PTs invite.  I developed failing habits for the PTs that your course concepts predictably identify and address.

Had I your systematic methodology to my avail and adhered to it from the onset, the California Bar would not have received its requisite administrative fees from me beyond my first – and what would have been only – sitting of the Exam.

Your SECRETS provide an APPROACH and JUSTIFIED CONFIDENCE to PTs that unquestionably enable test takers to “game the Game.”  As a graduate of a Top 5 law school, I am afraid I allowed personal arrogance to cost me irreplaceable time in addition to countless dollars and opportunities – all of which I could have avoided by simply making an unbelievably small investment of both my time and money in your course.  I can only hope that others will do what I NOW SAY, not what I FORMERLY DID.

You are priceless, John, thanks again!

Dear Professor Holtz:

Not only do you offer a great prep for the performance test, and tips and advice for the bar game, but you offer so many important bar stories which encouraged me forward.  Plus the timing and content of your bar prep communications are unmatched by any of your bar prep rivals.  You seem to know when the emotional hot points are during the bar prep process and help students stay focused on the bar exam.

Day One for me was terrible.  I have relived and revisited Day One in my head many times since, but I needed to move on (at least for Days Two and Three).  So I emailed you to ask if I could pass based on Day Two and Day Three scores and you took the time to write me an individualized email which was very supportive and encouraging tell me to keep my focus on the test in front of me.  I followed your advice and now I have a pass!

I really appreciate what you provided and I look forward to paying you the remaining balance on my account and recommending your programs to future bar takers.

First of all, thank you for this email.  It is very thoughtful and considerate of you.  Secondly, I have been pushing your class to soon to be test takers as essential if they don’t feel confident about the Performance Test.  Personally, I didn’t feel comfortable with your system heading into the test, but took your advice and stuck with it.  Halfway through the first performance test it finally clicked and I pulled off what I thought was probably my best performance test answer to date (including all previous practice performance tests).  The second performance test . . . I felt confident with the system, trusted my instincts, and cruised through the test.  I left the test knowing that even though I felt like I botched one of the essays that my performance tests should make up for it.

Thanks again.  I am happy to be throwing potential test takers your way.

John – I got good news tonight.  I passed.  It was my third try, starting one year ago in July 2007.

When I try to identify critical success factors this around, there are two.  Primarily, it simply took me three tries to “get it.”  I go at my own pace, in my own rhythm, when it comes to learning things and adapting to a system, and I am more of a tortoise than a hare.  By the third time around I was in the rhythm that I needed to be in.  Other people are faster integrators than I of information; I needed this amount of time to run my race and cross the finish line.

The second factor was your PT workshop.  I tell, I was physically and emotionally exhausted at the conclusion of the second day.  I could barely drive home.  But you gave me a system, a methodology, an approach in which I was managing the PTs instead of them managing me.  My guess is that I did slightly better on the essays and multiple choices, and substantially better on the PTs.

Kudos to you and your talents and passion as a teacher.  Hope our paths cross again along the way.

Thanks for the note, John.  You will find my name on that list Sunday so I guess it’s time to pay up! I assume my credit card will be charged directly, but if you need anything from me specifically, please let me know.

I have to just say, it was well worth the cost.  I heard you tell the story that initial day of a previous student for whom the process did not “click” until the final week before the test, at which time not only was the student immediately successful at PTs but actually looked forward to the challenge.  At the time, I found the story absurd.  At the very least, I thought that even if the first part were true, nobody could actually look forward to these nightmares.

Anyway, I persisted on with the practice exams, utterly terrified of these things.  And sure enough, the week before the test, the “click” went on in my head, and I found myself experiencing immediate success for the first time on the PTs.  Not only that, but I was so overwhelmed with glee at having finally figured the damn things out that, yes, I actually began to look forward to the challenge.  Not so absurd after all.


I wanted to take a moment to thank you for your advice, kind words, and most of all your performance seminar.  I came to your three day course without a clue and left believing that passing the performance section of the exam was possible.  As you know we don’t find out exactly how we did but I can say this, I used as many of the tools you gave us as I could within those 3 hour sessions.  In fact, the bar exam was the first time throughout my studies that I was able to finish the performance tests within the time given.  I found that possible your using your method of . . . and not getting bogged down in . . . .  Also, the . . . and . . . was instrumental to my success, or at least I feel as though it was.

Any how, best $300 or so dollars I ever spent on education.

I can’t thank you enough and I will certainly refer your course to all my friends aiming to take the bar.

Dear Mr. Holtz,

Thank you so much for your email- and the news was good- I passed- the first time!!! I want to thank you for all of your wonderful tips and recommendations for the performance portion of the exam. Your course provided instruction that Bar-Bri simply lacked, and therefore you really boosted my confidence and made me feel like I had an advantage over other students who only took Bar-Bri or another prep course. I would recommend your course to anyone who is planning on taking the CA Bar. Thank you so much for all of your help!

Best Regards,

Hi John,
Thanks for the Friday message. I think you did a great job teaching and giving a big picture of how the bar works. I know your class helped me quite a bit. I modified your method to suit my timing issues, but your [trade secret] technique was irreplaceably invaluable to me. It made the test day so much easier and less stressful when I found a [trade secret]. I did not finish an actual performance test in less than 3 hours until the actual test day. It came together at just the right time. If you could remind me of your mailing address for the final payment, I will send it out Monday. Also, what is my final balance?

Thanks, J-

John, thank you so much for your well-wishes. Fortunately, I received good news last night as my name appears on the pass list. I know you played an instrumental role in my passing, and indeed I doubt I could have done it without you help. I’ve already referred a Whittier Law student to your services,[name], and hope he has already contacted you. If you need me to sing accolades for your class I’ll do whatever I can. As for your no-pass-no-pay policy, please let me know how you would like to receive your highly deserved fee.

Thanks again, G-


I passed the bar exam, and although I worked very hard to prepare, I know that your course played a role in my success. Thank you for offering a reasonably-priced, practical approach to the PE. I will continue to recommend your course to those who have yet to sit (or sit again) for the California Bar. Thanks.

Best Regards,

Mr. Holtz,

I wanted to thank you for your class. I walked into your class never having seen a performance test before. When I left, as nervous as I was about the exam, I felt like I had a plan. Tonight I received my bar results and I passed the California bar exam. I don’t get to find out my scores, but I can tell you that as hard as this exam was, I felt most confident with my performance on the performance tests. So, I just wanted to thank you for giving me the extra confidence I needed to tackle the bar.


Dear John,

I am not sure if you remember me but I took your class for the Febuary Bar exam 2006. I PASSED the bar and I wanted to tell you that your seminar REALLY helped me! You helped me conquer my fears and feel confident during the exam. I really appreciate your assistance. Thank you so very much. God bless you!


Prof. Holtz,

Thank God I passed the CA Bar Exam! Thank you very much for the great techniques you taught us!! I also want to thank you very much for taking the time to show me, individually, how to structure my Bar-bri lessons.

The techniques you teach are great, the tips you give are incredibly helpful, but best of all the encouragement you give us during a period when we are very stressed and feeling discouraged kept me going ’til the end! I promise to recommend your workshop to all my friends taking the CA bar. Maybe you should expand to doing them in Texas and all other states where they give PT’s also.

You’re awesome! Please be so kind as to let me know what my balance is and where to send payment.

P.S. You are free to use my email in your ads:)


Thanks for your help. I did pass this time. It is a huge relief to be able to put the Bar behind me and move on with my career.

Your class was great and I give it and you some of the credit for my happy news. I will definitely recommend your course to others.

Thanks again,

Dear Prof. Holtz,

Thank you, for the insight you provided me during your three-day seminar. Until I took your course, everybody would “tell” me what to do to pass the bar. Well, you were the first to literally “show” me exactly what to do with specific in depth analysis of past performance exams. Honestly, prior to taking your course I dreaded the performance section of the bar more than the essays and MBEs. After taking your course and applying your approach on the performance exam on Tuesday afternoon, I felt somewhat comforted knowing that at least I had aced performance exam A, and rather than dread performance exam B, I looked forward to it.

Your approach in addition to helping you rack up points with tips and strategies, helps keep anxiety down because you show us what to do from start to finish, so by keeping busy through out the performance exam you eliminate the nervousness inherent in any test because you are not preoccupied with what to do next. Thank you, for helping me pass the Feb 2006 CA Bar Exam.


Professor Holtz,

I passed. Wow, that feels good.

Most important, I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me meet my lifelong dream… Honestly, I never thought I could master those performance exams. You have no idea how many times I thought of just quitting, moving… and taking a PT-free exam instead. But you showed me that they are manageable, and that I could get through them. Indeed, I did get through them. Thank you.

Equally important, I want to thank you for being so reasonable with your course fees. Unfortunately, many people in your shoes would have tried to exploit us vulnerable second and third time test takers. You didn’t. In fact, your course could not have been more reasonably priced. If anything, you could have charged more. Somehow, I gathered you aren’t in this profession to get rich. Bless your heart. Nor am I.

I would love to re-pay your generosity by writing a testimonial of my experience with your Maximizer course. Perhaps you might use it on your website. If you’re interested, please let me know.

Again, thank you.

My best,

Dear Professor Holtz,

I found out I passed the California Bar Exam this past Friday (and Sunday)! I just wanted to say that I believe your PT workshop was instrumental in giving me the edge I needed to soar over the passing line. I did not feel prepared for PT’s after Barbri, and your class gave me the mental security I needed when I became anxious during the PT portion of the exam. I failed both my PT’s- got a 65 and a 60 on my first attempt, and having taken your class and used your key methods, I must have performed a lot better!!! Although I felt rather befuddled after the exam was over, having taken your class and used your techniques, I went into the performance test more prepared, solid, and ready for any curve balls (which they definitely threw).

Thank you for everything! I will be recommending your PT workshop to all future takers of the exam without a doubt:)

Sincerely yours,
S- (will add Esquire here soon!)

I can say without the slightest doubt that I would not have passed the July 2005 Bar Exam without the Maximizer Performance Test Workshop.

As is probably the case with many of you out there now, I was sitting in a Bar Bri Performance Test lecture feeling like I was learning absolutely nothing and that I did not have a handle on any part of the exam.  At that moment I heard several students in front of me raving about the Maximizer workshop.  Feeling that I had nothing to lose, I took the course.

For the first time in the course of my miserable preparation for the exam, I felt that I finally understood and could master at least one part of the exam.

I will not forget sitting in the final Bar Bri lecture for the performance test, having already taken the Maximizer workshop.  As the lecture was about to start, students were frantically passing around a flier for a later Maximizer workshop.  At that moment, Bar Bri’s “esteemed” P.T. expert walked by, grabbed the flier out of someone’s hand, took one look at it, and laughed sarcastically.  He then threw the flier down as though to say, “There’s nothing Maximizer could know that I don’t know.”  If he only knew how little he actually knows, he would have wept instead of laughing – if he only knew how ill-prepared he leaves the poor students facing the Bar Exam.

Dean Holtz will teach you a full proof method to attacking virtually all types of performance tests on the Bar Exam.  This method will leave you feeling confident about tackling that part of the exam and that confidence will spill over into the rest of the exam as well.

When I took the July 2005 Bar Exam I came out of the morning Essay session feeling that I was in very poor shape.  However, the minute the Performance Test began, I immediately felt like I was in complete control.  I came out of both Performance Tests feeling like I had scored extremely well.

Hi John,

I took your class in 2001 and 2002.  I have sat the bar out since the summer of 2002.  I missed by 20 points.  I would like to retake your class for the Feb. 2006 bar.  Can you please tell me what the price will be and what days you are giving the PT classes?  By the way, by taking your class, I scored 80 on each of my performance tests.

Kindest regards,

Dear Mr. Holtz:

I took your course with my boyfriend (—-) and we both passed!!!! I failed twice because of low PTs.  Your course truly helped me solving PT problems.  I felt very confident after the exam and finally I spanked the PT monster!!! Thank you SOOOOOOOOO much! Your course truly ROCKS!!

4. PT – I failed twice due to low PTs.  When I was taking it for the first time, I never studied the PT.  People told me you don’t need to practice the PTs.  WRONG!!!!  There are methods you must follow!!! You must study the PT.  I took Barbri PT advantage for the second time, but it didn’t help me very much.  Then I took John Holtz’s PT workshop (cost is very reasonable) and it was like a PT bootcamp.  It totally help me resolving PT problems.  Work on your PT, it is very, very important.  If you screw PTs, odds are you’ll never pass.  I mean it.

I PASSED!!!!!!

I am the guy who came all the way down from the Bay Area to take your class in SD in June.  This was my third time and I had never scored higher than a 55 on a PT!  Thanks to you, I will never know what my PT scores were, but I believe they were much higher than 55.

Your PT approach is by far superior to anything I had been taught, and I will gladly make all recommendations to those who need a PT approach.  John, thanks for your dedication to your students.  I am just one example of your success and help in getting me started in my called profession!

Note: Testimonials on file. Some changes made to protect the writers’ privacy; comments are unaltered except to protect trade secrets.




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